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Mother's day Feel Amazing Voucher

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A Mother's day gift voucher (save £30!)
This is our ultimate signature treatment blending Reiki Healing with Indian Head Massage and acupressure techniques, complete with an aromatherapy back, neck, shoulder massage, followed by full-body therapeutic massage and grounding with Reflexology. This luxurious treatment will invigorate your senses, promote deep relaxation and leave you feeling completely pampered. It can also boost your mood, immunity, circulation and increase flexibility.
Recommended: A special VIP detox gift for someone amazing. For ultimate pampering, general well-being and self-care as well as to ease muscular tension, menstrual tension, recovering from a cold or flu, and as a tool to combat stress, anxiety and depression. Say goodbye to stress and tension today!

2 x Total Body Cocoons

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2 Full Body Holistic Massage Treatments with Reiki & Acupressure technique

Holistic support clinic

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5 x 60mins Holistic support clinic sessions
During 2016:
Chronic pain holistic support clinic
Migraine & headache holistic support clinic
Cancer journey holistic support clinic
Healthy heart holistic support clinic